Patients data is the most basic raw material required for building patients relationships.  Ironically, while the fundamental raw material itself has never been in abundant supply, transforming it into usable patients information and insight has never been more challenging. 


Pharmacy Health Care Provider will gain faster Business Value from its 340B Data using Cloud 340B Solutions.  Pharmacy reduces data reporting latency from more than 24 hours to less than 4 minutes; improves the performance of reporting,  accelerates decision making, and creates a fast, complete return on its data.

Cloud340B gives our pharmacy three key assets: performance, scalability and ease of use.  We can generate 340B compliance reports very quickly should we need to.

by CIO,  Pharmacy Health Care Provider.

Timely business intelligence and accurate 340B compliance reporting were a struggle for this organization – a large pharmacy health care provider in South Florida.  Operational data required for business performance decisions, patient claims, inventory, and replenishment were delayed by as much as 48 hours, even though the service level agreement (SLA) often called data latency to be less than 2 hours.  If a way could be found to generate Invoices within an SLA from the custom interface, the company could reach more quickly to the requirements of its reporting users, deliver a rewarding service experience to patients, and better support its clients who count on its analytics and reporting needs.

A long time user of the Cloud 340B Â® platform, the pharmacy chose Cloud 340B Â® Solutions over custom API to optimize the Information extraction from switch provider to pharmacy software for 340B billing. As a result,  the pharmacy is now able to comfortably meet its 2 hours SLA window for 340B business reporting, accelerate decision making and recoup a fast, complete return on data.  The use of Cloud 340B® solutions has also deepened the company’s data integration capabilities and expertise to cover operational reporting, active data warehousing, and 340B data publishing and auditing.

Integrated Offerings Across a wide range of Pharmacy Care

This large South Florida pharmacy provider has integrated offerings across the entire spectrum of pharmacy care,  including mail order pharmacy, retail pharmacy, infusion services, specialty pharmacy, and retail clinics.  The company also processes pharmacy claims for Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans.

The Challenge was to improve the speed of decision making and build a more agile business for 340B, tuned to the changing requirements of the health care market and end-user pharmacy customers.  Every day, the company captures data relating to more than a hundred thousand claims; with a vast majority of the business, performance reports being driven through a SQL Server-based data warehouse.  However, the growing data volumes were putting immense pressure on the data warehouse performance.  Indeed, some of the reports were delayed beyond 48 hours, despite the SLA goal being a 2-hour reporting window. The effect of this delay was slower business reporting on everything from patient outcomes and pharmacy audits to advising members about their disease conditions and medication options.

The health care provider decided to retire the legacy 340B API and replace it with Cloud 340B Â®. However many groups within the company still needed to draw reporting data from the custom API during the transition period.  To support improved operational decision-making, the organization was therefore needed to efficiently and continually migrate the 340B data between legacy systems to Cloud 340B.

Rapid 340B Deployment and Ease of Use

Cloud 340B has installed its audit-ready, fully compliant 340B solutions in many facilities. Most installs go live within 90 days. The unique data preparation strategy helps to rapidly onboard new customers to leverage the greater benefits of Cloud 340B ®. The Scalable, reliable, and easy to configure Cloud-based 340B platform optimized data extraction from the ADT software and Inventory Management System to the Cloud 340B environment.  The solution uses the HL7 interface to change data capture to minimize the impact on the source systems and consume few system resources.  Crucially, it can easily cope with pharmacy’s transactional volumes without affecting the performance of the source database.  “Now that we are using the Cloud 340B Â® environment and can offer guaranteed SLAs, more and more lines of business are asking for reports,” says the spokesperson.


  1. Improved speed of reporting, accelerated decision making and created fast return on data
  2. Enabled pharmacy to respond rapidly to changing requirements of health care market and end-user pharmacy customers and to the needs of its network of pharmacy locations
  3. Improved support for payers and patients
  4. Reduced reporting latency from more than 24 hours to less than 2 hours
  5. Ensured pharmacy met stringent SLAs for internal information delivery
  6. Extracted data from legacy systems up to 10 times faster than before

Transforming Decision Making Agility and Accuracy

This accelerated, reliable reporting is transforming the company’s decision-making agility and accuracy.  The pharmacy’s analytics and outcomes team,  for example,  relies on timely reporting for its outcomes results and 340B rebate reporting.  Some employees use the timely reports for 340B compliance audits.  Others use the data to advise members on their disease conditions, such as HIV or other clinical conditions. ” 340B Data on our pharmacy members is now available immediately, which means the patient’s information and details of their 340B eligibility are relatively current and accurate.  We have a more timely record of their needs,  preferences, and behavior.  And when it comes to marketing campaigns,  we have their current profile information and help them in future correspondence” says the pharmacy spokesperson.?

The use of the Cloud 340B product alongside the existing data integration capabilities has also deepened the pharmacy’s data integration capabilities and expertise to cover 340B operational reporting, active 340B adjudication, and transaction publishing and auditing.

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