Cloud Based

Modernized Platform in the 340B Market. Extremely flexible with all Cloud Vendors such as Google, AWS, Oracle and Microsoft Azure

Fast and optimized

Built based on current 340B business rules. Scalable and extremely flexible software working in the mobile platforms as well.

100% Audit Enabled

Running on a HIPAA-certified environment. Multi-tenant and your data are highly encrypted. On-demand audit capable.
Rapid Deployment

We tailor Cloud 340B based on your business needs

RCTECH has installed its dynamic, fully scalable, 100% audit-ready Cloud 340B software in many locations. Your project will be live in 2 months.
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Historical Data

Move your historical 340B into a one stop 340B platform.

Our software is very intuitive and saved several hundred thousand dollars in drug purchases while storing audit ready records
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Rapid customization

Our 340B ACE team helps you to quickly customize Cloud 340B for your business needs

we enhance your 340B program, regardless of which 3rd party administrator or wholesaler you leverage. Here are the Six Steps to getting started with Cloud 340B Solutions
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Project Done
Avg Claims

Our Client Says

When it is 100% cloud, we were hesitant, but we love the Cloud 340B as everything is stored and encrypted in HIPAA compliant environment.

Simple and Transparent Pricing

Notifications keep you informed of all updates. Customize them to receive as many, or as few, as you want.

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