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Cloud340B - 340B Automation - Covered Entities - Contract Pharmacies.
Cloud 340B simplifies the complex process of maintaining 100% 340B program compliance and results in critical cost savings. Cloud 340B is pretty intelligent to make your program successful.

Cloud 340B Solutions
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Proven Success Rate

Cloud 340B have saved our customers in drug purchases — all while maintaining an flawless HRSA-compliant audit record.

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Days Installation guarantee

Fully Functional Cloud 340B has installed its audit-ready, fully compliant 340B solutions in facilities within 90 days.

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100% 340B automation

All 340B Business functions are fully automated using Cloud 340B. Details are at your finger tips

It’s Easy to Get Started.
Cloud 340B allows health systems to capture additional 340B savings from Covered Entity scripts dispensed at retail pharmacies. We can help you with 100% 340B program compliance. Extensively scalable, easy to maintain and 90 days FREE Trial
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Cloud 340B BPM
Business Process Management (BPM)

Govern the entire 340B Operations in a single click of a button. Monitor and Manage the daily loads without navigating into multiple software.

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Dashboard with Audit ready

340B Sales Drill down is a capability that takes the user from a more general Sales view of the 340B data to a more specific one (monthly , daily or hourly view) at the click of a mouse.

Cloud 340B Business Rules
Expose 340B Business Rules

Manage the 340B Adjudication Business Rules in Cloud 340B GUI and new claims file will automatically inherit the new business functions.

Ravi Baskaran, Chief Finance Officer at SkyMed Pharmacies
Cloud 340B Team are detailed, yet pragmatic approach ensured the specifications were met, while keeping the project on schedule. I highly recommend RCTECH Solutions Inc for 340B and Data Management Solutions.
Tony Clark, COO, Infiniti Solutions
I had the pleasure of working with a team of professional developers & programmers at RCTECH Solutions. I worked closely with the Chief Architect as he was very hands on with the development of our 340b program while I was at Infiniti Pharmacy as the COO at the time. RCTECH's team assessed our needs in regards to what we needed to properly manage our partners in business for all things 340b.
Dr.Guillermo Santos, Medical Director, MASFDOCS
It was wonderful to watch the program come to life. You can't go wrong with RCTECH Solutions and team to develop your 340b needs or custom programming requests.
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Rely on RCTECH Solutions to proactively foster audit compliance including program set-up, administration, legal and governmental affairs. Let our compliance team and our thorough HRSA audit track record work for you.
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