RCTECH is a dynamic and ambitious firm marching towards becoming a leader, comprising some of the best minds in industry in this practice. Our team comes together with a clear focus and strive for excellence by providing world class Data Management to our Customers. The firm is built with team of professionals, well experienced and successful in this field.

Our management team is a conglomeration of likeminded people with vast experience in Data Management consulting, product development and Process automation that believe in Team Work! RCTECH has a dedicated team of knowledge driven individuals who first understand your business and then begin with the consulting. We have started this initiative with theme of “TOGETHER WE CAN.”

Our approach is always to provide services that specifically have the customer business at the core, from which we anticipate the needs, improve quality and reduce costs while making sure the transactions and operations are seamless in time. RCTECH provides the best technology and consulting resources to meet your dynamic business requirements. Since technology is always filtered at the last level by the consultants, we invest in our team to stay ahead and empower them so that they can empower our customers. We want to be one of the handfuls of companies who are reliable in their services adding value to customers, which in turn gives us a sense of satisfaction.

We are an end-to-end Product Development, Data Management, Consulting and Service Company, catering to the needs of our clients. We help customers transform and thrive in the ever-changing market through business workflow process consulting, operational efficiency, and the co-creation of breakthrough solutions.

We offer a strong combination of industry experience and knowledge to deliver world class expertise for Business needs. At RCTECH, we believe not only the knowledge of Data Management is enough but the real world understanding of business itself is essential for proactive implementation of Data Management Principles in demanding business applications.




Use available information technology to its maximum to help achieve customer's business goals through adoption of best practices for the Business Requirements.



To provide high quality, integrated, meaningful information which empowers our customer to meet tactical needs while achieving strategic goals!



  • Team with a decade of industrial domain experience & knowledge with exceptional Data Management Skills.
  • Right blend of talent with respect to Health Care, Financials and Business Intelligence.
  • Delivering outstanding Professional Services in Data Management Engagements.
  • Talented, Experienced workforce in Data Quality, B2B, Data Security, Data Integration and MDM
  • Superior Customer Relationships
  • Strategic Mix of Business and IT
  • Deliver Clean, Trusted data so all projects meet business objectives
  • Govern your data historically to stay compliant, reduce costs, mitigate risks and grow business
  • Delivering integrated data to the business exactly when the business needs it, batch, near real time or real time