Step 1
Process Evaluation
Consider the skills, tools, 340B usage
scalability and future platform
First Step in Cloud 340B Journey
Step 1 - Process Evaluation

We help you to evaluate the following. 

  1. Your Data across the company
  2. Skills & Applications used
  3. Business Objective
Step 2
Data Migration Path
Strategy to develop the cloud migration path
Migrate Your Data or Start Fresh
Data Migration Path

Our team of professionals will help you to perform

  1. The Platform assessment
  2. Data Migration Strategy


Step 3
Establish Success Criteria
340B Invoice Accuracy
Realtime Replenishment Orders
PO synchronization
Interfacing with Drug Wholesalers
Foundational Model
340B Success Criteria

As you establish the success criteria of your new solution, determine how you’ll measure that success:

Determine which criteria are quantifiable and which are assessed qualitatively.
Determine how you will measure the quantifiable criteria.
Figure out how you will assess the qualitative criteria.

Step 4
Cloud 340B Evaluation
Once you determine your 340B business needs and success criteria,
you are ready to start evaluating solutions.
A Comprehensive Checklist

Use your list of 340B Pharmacy Business needs and your criteria for success as a starting point. But don’t overlook the positive qualities of your existing software as well that are non-issues for you now. In other words, make sure the new cloud-based 340B solutions can do everything your current 340B software does. But better, and that it overcomes the drawbacks of your existing software.

Step 5
340B TCO
Consider TCO for Cloud 340B
Calculate Total Cost of Ownership
TCO Cloud 340B

Companies typically calculate the TCO over the expected lifetime of the 340B Administrator software, which is commonly one to four years.

If your choice of a cloud-based 340B solution comes down to price, consider the total cost of ownership. For a conventional 340B software (On-premises type), the total cost of ownership includes the following expenses.

The software license is typically based on the number of claims processed, number of transactions processed, or number of users operating the software.

Step 6
Setup a Proof of Concept (POC)
Build a smaller footprint of Cloud 340B
Operationalize path for Cloud 340B

Investigate different cloud-based 340B solution options, view demos, ask questions, and meet with each vendor’s team. You should do a proof of concept (POC) before deciding which to choose. A POC is a testing solution to determine how well it serves your need and meets your success criteria. Think of it as a test drive. It typically lasts a day or two, but it can be conducted over several weeks. You request a POC from the prospective vendor with the general understanding that if the solution performs satisfactorily, you will buy the 340B administrator software or any product.

Now it is your chance to think outside the box. Consider what else you could do above and beyond what you do today. If you had this cloud-based 340B solution in place, what additional business value could this system deliver?