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The Top 5 Reasons: Fundamental Reasons of 340B Program Data Consolidation Inefficiency

This is a proven technique to be known by business professional as "Top 5 Reasons" used in IT industry that helps to locate or describe exactly the problem.  The Ability of your 340B program administrator will be greatly enhanced if your a clear understanding about the Top 5 Reasons of 340B Program Data Consolidation Inefficiency. These below stated problems and challenges are all interrelated.


340B Data Consolidation is Time consuming

Because of the growing complexity in 340B program management due to nature of business , growing number of program participants, volume of data, variety of data formats. It is very difficult to maintain the hand coding techniques or doing the job manually.  Having these practices lack reusability of 340B data consolidation patterns and best practices. 

Very Expensive Manual Process

As contract pharmacy employs with either inflexible tools, methodology or lacks of having right IT person within the team.  340B data consolidation is very time consuming and expensive when you perform the data consolidation and validation manually. 


Garbage Data

Data coming from the third party vendor may be of poor quality.  Lack of data quality, governance and the inability of data environments to readily adapt to changes in varity of data and sources.   


Difficult Business Expansion

Scalability suffers in contract pharmacies when data volume, varity and velocity grows.


Outdated 340B Data

Unable to update the data more frequently on real time basis to keep the data more current and relevant to the present data trend. Lacking this process potentially delay in generating the monthly invoices, replenishment orders etc.,




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