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The Criteria for Selecting a 340B Automation Software

Value vs Cost

The trends discussed in earlier blog have led to a need and an opportunity for a new kind of 340B Automation. One built for the volumne, accuracy, diversity, and velocity of today's 340B data and for the new ways covered entity use their data.  Such a solution must take advantage of key technology innovations in 340B space including the cloud. When you are in the market for a 340B Automation, a checklist of criteria will help determine which alternative best meets your needs. This article help your checklist for finding the best 340B Automation software for your covered entity or contract pharmacy

​Meets Current and Future Needs
Accommodates and Integrates all Data (340B) in one place.
Saves your Organization Money
Provides Data(340B) Resliency and Recovery
Secures Data at Rest and in Transit

by Data Management Expert from RCTECH Solutions Inc

1.Meets Current and Future Needs

340B Drugs Sales in last 10 years

True elasticity has its own business benefits especially when it comes to expansion but there is more to that.  Either covered entities or contract pharmacies should be able to scale both 340B compute and storage when you really need more compute.  See the following graph that illustrates the growth in 340B sales for the last 10 years.

Here are a few scenarios where true, cloud-based elastic 340B tool can make it possible to do more with prescription data:

As we discussed earlier,  data exploration has many benefits.   But no one in health care industry knows in advance the computing resources need to analyze huge health care data sets.  This make on-demand, elastic scalability ideal for the 340B analysis.

2.Accommodates and Integrates all Data (340B) in One Place

340B Data in One Place

Non-Traditional, structured or semi structured 340B data, as discussed in the previous blogs, can definetly enrich the insight of data analytics beyond the limits of traditional data. But this requires a new approach to loading and transforming data types before the covered entity can analyze that data.  Most traditional 340B database or system sacrifice performance or flexibility to handle these data types.  A modern or a cloud based 340B engine should eliminate the need to design and model rigid, traditional structures upfront that would require transforming unstructured data before loading. 

Efficiently loading all of your 340B data into one location is crucial. But integrating all of those diverse data types for more precise analytics is something else.  A cloud based 340B engine should automatically integrate your semi-structure data with structured data.  There should be nothing to install an configure, with tuning and performance built-in.  Most importantly, you shouldn't have to maintain and pay for two separate systems to manage all of your data.

3.Saves Your Organization Money

340B Cost vs Value

A Conventional 340B Software can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars in: licensing fees, hardware, and services; the time and expertise required to set up, manage, deploy and tune the 340B software, configure the 340B software to existing pharmacy software, and the costs to secure and backup data. In addition, building a 340B database system that meets the business requirements and takes full advantage of the volume and variety of today's data is often cost prohibitive for any covered entity or contract pharamcy.

A Modern 340B solutions should meet these challenges at a much lower price point.  For example,  does it scale storage and compute separately so you only pay for the resources you need?  Does it also scale 340B processing workloads and concurrency?  Will it support diverse data structures and integrate diverse data in one place? And finallym can it do all of this automatically without the complexity , expense, and headache of manually tweaking and tuning the 340B software to get the best performance?

With Cloud based 340B solutions, your service fee should cover everything for a small fraction of the cost of a conventional, on premises solution.  But not all cloud based solutions are the same. Their difference also determine how much a customer must pay, in one way or another, to gain valuable data insight.

4.Provides 340B Data Resiliency and Recovery

340B Data Resiliency and Recovery

Many types of data failures can cause data loss or inconsistencies.  Therefore,  your 340B database system must keep your data safe, up to date, and highly available.  Traditional 340B System typically protect data by performing periodic backups, which consume valuable compute resources and interfere with ongoing workloads.  Periodic backups also require additional storage and often fail to include the most recent data, resulting in data inconsistencies.

A cloud based 340B solution should manage itself when it comes to ensuring the data integrity, durability, resiliency, and high availability of the system.  It shouldn't  interfere with any ongoing workloads, degrade the performance, or result in service outage due to backup processes running in the background. And it should be affordable with smart ways to preserve your 340B data backup without have to copy and move it to elsewhere. 

5.Secures Data at Rest and in Transit

Data Encryption Key Management Process

The HIPAA Privacy Rule establishes national standards to protect individuals' medical records and other personal health information and applies to health plans, health care clearinghouses, and those health care providers that conduct certain health care transactions electronically. Data Security is a vital piece of program solutions and it covers the following two main areas.

Confidentiality: Preventing unauthorized access to data

Integrity : Ensuring the health care data isn't modified or corrupted.

A Cloud based 340B software must also support multilevel, role based access control. This insures users only have access to the data they are permitted to view.  Encrypting the data, which means applying an strong encryption algorithm to translate the clear text into cipher text, is another required security feature.  Also the modern 340B solution shouild use a hierarchical key wrapping approach, which encrypts the encryption keys, as well as a robust key-rotation process, which limits the time any single key is used.

In addition, the software vendor of a modern cloud based 340B solution must perform periodic security testing, known as penetration testing, to proactively check for vulnerabilities.  The vendor must administer these measures consistently and automatically without impacting performance. 

6.Optimizes your Time to Value

Deploying a 340B Solution should not be a major undertaking, and crucial aspects that were once manual should be automated.  Most of all,  the solution you choose should be available all the time to all users, and encompass all data types at a fraction of the cost of the traditional 340B software. Such a system should deliver immediate data insight to help streamline a covered entity and increase its ability to serve patients and leads 340B industry.

On-Premises versus Cloud based 340B Solutions
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