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RCTECH 340B Cloud Marketing Page

What is RCTECH 340B Administrator on the Cloud?

RCTECH 340B Cloud Administrator software helps 340B contract pharmacies in efficiently managing the 340B program by onboarding new covered entities and its users in minutes, locating and addressing pricing discrepancies, providing detailed eligibility checks, effectively managing procurement and inventory, publishing monthly invoices and dashboards for every Covered Entity for an automated decision processes, deducting the NDC cost and deliver 100% HRSA compliance reports.


Fully Managed Hospital Pharmacy costs,contracts and compliance


Track all drug activity from the pill to the purchase to the patient to  the payment —all from a single,SaaS-based platform solution designed to manage the full procurement cycle.RCTECH Solutions provides detailed tracking of all  drug activity at the 11-digit NDC level for a complete audit trail and new insights into your pharmacy operations.

  • Locate and address pricing discrepancies where the contracted price and invoice price don’t match—or where the price you paid is higher
    than the national average for an NDC

  • Effective management of procurement and inventory across multiple ordering platforms,wholesaler accounts and pricing contracts

  • Identify unmapped revenue items and resolve as that can result in lost revenue and impact your bottom line 

  • Detect drug cost by monitoring the ratio of purchases to dispatch

  • Drill down your data with robust and customizable reporting that helps you surface the most relevant insights

  • 100% audit compliance with a built-inaudit too landmock-audit assistance from our audit support specialists

  • Engage automated decision processes guided by configuration options you choose based on your 340B program parameters

RCTECH 340B Architecture & Data Lineage

RCTECH 340B Cloud Compliance Architecture

RCTECH Solutions Inc helps you:

  • Find lower-cost alternatives and nominally-priced items based on the NDCs you typically order

  • Forecast your drug spend based on historical data and what-if scenarios

Flexible options — included at no additional charge

Dispensation cost report:

  • Track average weighted drug cost by dispensation,and filter on a number of criteria

Drug spend reports:

  • See your drug spend by department or account (340B,GPO or WAC)

Drug Cost Monitor Report:

  • Identify pricing discrepancies and track resolution.

Drug Cost Analyzer:

  • Analyze current purchases,project drug costs,and model what-if scenarios

CDM and NDC Mapping Reports:

  • Pin point mapping and ratio errors that could be resulting in lost revenue

340B module features

Automated decision processes help ensure
the configurationoptions you choose are
applied consistently

Detailed eligibility checks help maximize your
drug-cost savings according to your selected
configuration options

A rules-based engine is configured to the options
you select based on your current business needs
and 340B program parameters

A complete audit trail,along with a built-in
audit too land dedicated audit specialists,
helps keep you audit-ready,all the time

Flexible and robust reporting options help
you analyze current and potential 340B

A variety of tools to maximize savings by alerting
you to unmapped NDCs,nominally-priced drugs
and lower-cost alternatives

RCTECH 340B Administrator Content Modules

Manage compliance concerns with specialized solutions designed for your peace of mind

Our compliance solutions are powered by RCTECH’s rules-based engine,which drives automated processes to helpen force the configuration options you choose,based on the requirements of your organization’s 340B program.

340B Module:

  • A simple split-billing solution may not deliver the level of 340B compliance required today.Our 340B Module helps
    you maintain a complete audit trail, so you’re always audit-ready.

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